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2014 AGM Minutes

Kernow Kitesurf Club, 2014 AGM Minutes

19:30, Thursday 3rd April 2014 at Royal Standard Inn in Hayle

Welcome and thanks for coming from Rory Jenkins, current KKC Chairman.
Apologies from: Lee Harvey, Pete Stephens, Ryan & Simon Crabb

Area Rep Updates:
All is going well. Current beach reps report no problems and they are happy to carry on in their respective areas. Some conversation about increasing the number of beach reps if other people want to be a beach rep for any areas.

General Club Update
The club continues to exist, with the principle objective that that there is a single voice and point of contact for The Bluff passes at Hayle.

This is working well and can be used if other beaches need a similar singular voice in Cornwall.

The club has some hoodies and other clothing. It was agreed this would be given out to club reps so that they have a “uniform” when at spots.

During the summer, Rory Jenkins & Craig Smith are going to look at chatting to the RNLI about providing safety cover for a “down winder” from Perranporth to Watergate.

Bluff update:
This is working well from the point of the view of the club, it’s members and the harbour authority.
An increase in bluff pass visibility would be great, but all alternatives to a tag on your kite harness that you always have, have other problems.

Lawrence Smith is going to see if the main Marazion car park will take £1.00 of the parking fee on presentation of a Bluff Pass. The club will make up this £1.00 at the end of the month. This extra benefit to having a Bluff Pass will help increase the number or riders in the area having a Bluff pass.

Accounts Update:

If any club members want to organise any club events for which funding would help, they should contact the committee.

Club Admin and Officers:
All existing members of the committee were re-elected.

  • Chairperson: (Rory Jenkins)
  • Treasurer:  (Lawrence Smith)
  • Child Safety Officer: (Lawrence Smith)
  • Club Secretary: (Simon Crabb)
  • Beach Safety Officer: (Dom Moore)
  • Race Rep: (Lee Harvey)

All beach reps were re-elected and some new beach reps were elected:

  • Denzil Williams – Par & St Austell
  • Joz Donohoe – Marazion & The Bluff area
  • Mark Graham  – Bluff
  • Matt Taylor – Bluff & Perranporth
  • Watergate – Craig Smith


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