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Legend of the Bay :: Kite & SUP event

Title of Event: Legend of the Bay
Date: April 18th & 19th April 2015
Location: Watergate Bay

Britishkitesports & British Stand Up Paddleboard Association are proud announce that Legend of the Bay will be returning to Watergate Bay over the weekend of April 18th & 19th.

WGB-EVENTS-POSTER-LEGENDS-2015-sponsors 2 copy


This unique event showcases not one by two of the most exciting watersports, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddleboard. Over the course of the weekend competitors can entry either a one day Kite Wave competition or a one day Stand Up Paddleboard Wave competition. Should the competitors be proficient in both sports they can enter both. The competitor with the highest combined score will be crowned ‘Legend of the Bay’.

For those competing for the Legend of the Bay title, this unique competition format makes it both exciting and nail biting till the final hooter of the final round of competition. You cannot step of the gas at any point during any of the heats you have be winning to stay in the game. ‘There can be only one’!

Competition of both days will aim to start around 9am, with semi-finals and final held towards late afternoon when the tide as turned an will bring the competition closer to the beach, and in front of the Beach Hut. Prize Giving will follow after the completion of the day competetion. Ideally it is aimed to stage the Kitesurfing Wave competition on the Saturday, and Stand Up Paddleboard Surf Competition on the Sunday. It however will depend of weather forecast.

Who will be there?

In terms of competitors to watch over the weekend, entry has just opened so no real list so far. However former BSUPA National Champion Neil Gent has confirmed his intensions to compete. Neil has competed on the national scene for both sports for many years, and will be a strong contender for the title. Closer to home Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey will be strong in the kite competition. Lee paddleboards to so watch this space…

For anyone wishing to enter details etc can be found via the following link:

BSKA & BSUPA would like to thank the following for their support and contribution in stage this event:

For more information on Legend of the Bay please contact Richard Marsh via e-mail

Kernow Kitesurf Club, 2015 AGM Minutes

19:30, Thursday 19th March 2015 at The Seiners in Perranporth

Welcome and thanks for coming from Rory Jenkins, current KKC Chairman.
Apologies from: Lee Harvey.

General Club Update

The club continues to exist, with increasingly active beach rep’s around Cornwall and no reported problems with the The Bluff passes at Hayle.

We have 110 paid up members.

During the last 12 months the KKC supported a Wave event that was well attended by club and national riders.

Club Admin and Officers

By show of hands, majority vote, based on those present at the meeting, the 2015 committee and beach officer line up is:


  • Chairperson: (Rory Jenkins)
  • Treasurer:  (Lawrence Smith)
  • Child Safety Officer: (Lawrence Smith)
  • Club Secretary: (Simon Crabb)
  • Beach Safety Officer: (Matt Taylor)

Beach Representatives:

  • Par & St Austell – Denzil Williams
  • Marazion & The Bluff area – Lawrence Smith, Marke Graham & Alex Hapgood
  • Perranporth – Matt Taylor
  • Watergate – Craig Smith
  • Daymer & Hawker – Paul Frost

Accounts Update

We have £3443.00.

Locations and Bluff Pass Update

It’s all working well.

Plans for 2015

Who can jump the highest ?

We’ve voted to buy 5 club Woo tracker devices (thankyou to Lee “Pasty” for the idea).
There will be one with the beach beach rep at the main locations:

  • Par & St Austell,
  • Maza & The Bluff,
  • Perranporth
  • Watergate
  • Daymer Bay

At the next AGM the highest jump (by a KKC member) at each of the locations will get a £50 voucher for surf gear and the highest overall jump £100.

The vouchers will be valid at the 3 main shops in Cornwall that the meeting felt do the most for the KKC. Not least of all because they sell the Bluff passes for the club:

Hopefully, our KKC Facebook page will have a year of people posting their jump attempts !

Who can create the best 90 second Cornwall Kitesurfing Video?

We voted to buy 5 of the new cheap (circa £100 each) GoPro cameras.

These will again be with the beach rep’s.

At next years AGM we will show anybodies Corwall Kitesurfing video, max 90 seconds and vote on the top 5.

First prize will be £100, with 2nd to 5th getting £50 each. Again, these will be vouchers, valid at the same 3 shops (Down The Line, Lodey Sails & Westcountry Watersports).

You can also enter clips from your own GoPro or other video device.

Again, open to all KKC members & hopefully, our KKC Facebook page will have a year of people posting the videos.

Watergate Legend of the Bay

This event is back !
It’ll be this spring over the weekend of April 18th & 19th.

The format remains the same as last time one day kite, one day SUP.
Competitors can enter individual competitions or should they wish enter both. The Individuals with the highest combined scores will be crowned Legend of the Bay.

Divisions will be Open Men and Open Women. Individuals wishing to enter must be members of either BKSA or BSUPA to enter competition.

Any KKC member, by producing their BKSA card that shows they are a KKC member will get £10 off their entry fee.

Wind (&other weather) Feed for Marazion

We voted to contribute up to £300 of club funds towards a wind and other weather info station on the top of Lodey Sails, so that we can on-line see what the conditions are like down there.

KKC Holiday ?

There was the suggestion of a club organised holiday to perhaps The Canary Islands or the Scilies. The discussion suggested this could be a challenge, but perhaps one or several club members will be able to talk to a travel operator or Lee “Pasty” who organises coaching trips, to see what can be done.


If there is info on the Website ( you want (or want updated), please let Rory know (

2014 AGM Minutes

Kernow Kitesurf Club, 2014 AGM Minutes

19:30, Thursday 3rd April 2014 at Royal Standard Inn in Hayle

Welcome and thanks for coming from Rory Jenkins, current KKC Chairman.
Apologies from: Lee Harvey, Pete Stephens, Ryan & Simon Crabb

Area Rep Updates:
All is going well. Current beach reps report no problems and they are happy to carry on in their respective areas. Some conversation about increasing the number of beach reps if other people want to be a beach rep for any areas.

General Club Update
The club continues to exist, with the principle objective that that there is a single voice and point of contact for The Bluff passes at Hayle.

This is working well and can be used if other beaches need a similar singular voice in Cornwall.

The club has some hoodies and other clothing. It was agreed this would be given out to club reps so that they have a “uniform” when at spots.

During the summer, Rory Jenkins & Craig Smith are going to look at chatting to the RNLI about providing safety cover for a “down winder” from Perranporth to Watergate.

Bluff update:
This is working well from the point of the view of the club, it’s members and the harbour authority.
An increase in bluff pass visibility would be great, but all alternatives to a tag on your kite harness that you always have, have other problems.

Lawrence Smith is going to see if the main Marazion car park will take £1.00 of the parking fee on presentation of a Bluff Pass. The club will make up this £1.00 at the end of the month. This extra benefit to having a Bluff Pass will help increase the number or riders in the area having a Bluff pass.

Accounts Update:

If any club members want to organise any club events for which funding would help, they should contact the committee.

Club Admin and Officers:
All existing members of the committee were re-elected.

  • Chairperson: (Rory Jenkins)
  • Treasurer:  (Lawrence Smith)
  • Child Safety Officer: (Lawrence Smith)
  • Club Secretary: (Simon Crabb)
  • Beach Safety Officer: (Dom Moore)
  • Race Rep: (Lee Harvey)

All beach reps were re-elected and some new beach reps were elected:

  • Denzil Williams – Par & St Austell
  • Joz Donohoe – Marazion & The Bluff area
  • Mark Graham  – Bluff
  • Matt Taylor – Bluff & Perranporth
  • Watergate – Craig Smith

KKC AGM scheduled for Thurs 3rd April at 7:30pm in Hayle

The KKC AGM is scheduled for early next month:
– 7:30 pm, Thurs 3rd April 2014
– Royal Standard Inn in Hayle

The Royal Standard Inn is on the corner by the harbour opposite the big Philps pasty shop.


  • Area Rep Updates
  • General Club Update
  • Bluff update
  • Accounts Update
  • Club Admin and Officers
    As previously agreed there are 3 committee officers (Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer) with a subcommittee & beach reps.
    The sub-committee will report to the committee and organise club activities for the benefit of the members.  Bluff rep will take care of the Bluff pass.
    Beach reps will simply be a point of contact for the kitesurfers or land owners etc on the main beaches who will then pass details onto the committee.

Summer wind and waves are back

Several weeks of blistering sunshine and very flat conditions with little or no wind lead to quite a few flat water stand up paddle boarding, canoe, and other such visits to the sea and creeks of Cornwall by many who would probably prefer to be kitesurfing. But as Newquay based Dom from “The Surf Sanctuary” is bound to point out, it’s all good water skills for when you do get out to kite. Or have a chat with Lee Pasty and plenty others to get out on even lighter days on a race board.

At last the wind drought has ended and we are now getting occasional windy days and some swell. Those on race boards are out a lot more than those on twin tips or wave boards, but everybody is getting some good summer sessions.

I’ve had 2 sessions out with boardshorts only. I think they might be my first ever UK zero wetsuit sessions in 10 + years of kitesurfing !

King of the air & Demo day

Kernow King of the Air and demo day! – full details on Facebook
20th or the 21st of April, we will be holding a demo day at either Marazion or The Bluff.

20th or the 21st of April, we will be holding a demo day at either Marazion or The Bluff, which shows the commitment and progress the club has made with the efforts to keep The Bluff a location that we can all enjoy!
2013 Bluff passes will be available to buy on the day. If you want to demo kit please bring your bksa card showing you are a member of the kkc.
Brands that have confirmed so far:
-Ocean Rodeo

We are still waiting for confirmation from a few more brands so we will keep you updated as and when they confirm!
So this isn’t your ordinary demo day!
We are offering 2 hour novice refresher clinics, £10 per person and £10 will also be paid by the KKC to cover coaching costs.
This will run with a minimum of 6 people and maximum of 12. Perfect if you brought kit last year and haven’t been out over the winter.
Email to register.

In the afternoon, we have the Kernow King of the Air fun competition!
This will be for 16 pre-entered KKC members only, so if you would like to enter, please email and we will reply with an entry form for each rider to fill in and competition details.
Who do you think will be crowned Kernow King of the Air 2013 and be the 1st name on the trophy?!!?

We are looking to have a small gathering in the evening, with a BBQ and a few drinks, location TBC.

It will be great to see everyone there! Enjoying the start of another summer here in Cornwall, with all the shiny new toys to have a play with!

2013 AGM Minutes

The pre AGM minutes are here in PDF form.

KKC 2013 AGM Meeting Minutes

27th March 2013, 19:00 at The Station House, Marazion

Welcome and thanks for coming from Lee (Pasty) Harvey, KKC Chairman.
Apologies from a few that couldn’t make it including Denzil.

Area Rep Updates:
Carlyn Bay parking has changed.
– information to be sent through, to update the Website re this.

Generally all areas, beaches are working well with no problems.

The latest we have heard from Phill Drew at the RNLI is that there have been very limited kitesurfing related incidents. It seems that there were only 2 that required a rescue or any other active intervention. In both everybody was OK and the RNLI had no complaints.

General Club Update
Clubs from elsewhere (Bristol, Poole etc.) in the UK have made contact with the KKC when visiting the area to get the local info and hook up with locals re where to go for what conditions, socialising after kitesurfing etc.

Bluff update:
– new signage has gone up, that should be good for a few years.
– £625 gross revenue from passes, £500 fee to the harbor master + printing of the passes etc. fees, so it’s roughly self funding. (the signs were in part paid for by the BKSA). But it means anybody who is kitesurfing there without a pass is being subsidised by those that pay for their pass.

Accounts Update:
Last year closing balance about £1,600.
Current balance is around £2,400.

So there are funds if anybody has an idea for an event or some such.
Any ideas should include what the people making the suggestion are going to do, to help create and run the event.
These ideas should be put to the club officers.

Club Admin and Officers:
Updated constitution proposed (as below) with unanimous vote of YES

The committee of the club shall be members of the club and will consist of a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer. One of these should be nominated as a beach safety officer and one a child safety officer. All kite surfing members of the club shall be eligible for re-election.
The Committee shall manage the affairs of the club and shall cause the funds of the club to be applied solely to the objects of the club.
The committee can appoint a sub-committee or temporary officer to assist with organising events or carrying out specific tasks. Beach reps should be encouraged to organise events/socials in their area with help from the committee.

Proposed chairperson, secretary and treasurer to stay the same, unanimous YES.
– Chairperson: Lee “pasty” Harvey,
– Treasurer: Lawrence Smith
– Club Secretary: Rory Jenkins

Some new beach reps were proposed and accepted.
– details to be put on the Website.

There was then extensive discussion about events, insurance for events and a general catch up with outline plans for the next year.

Pre April 2013 News

Some of the links may take you to the old KKC Website.

Bluff passes from April 2012 – update

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that the purple Bluff passes for 2011/12 expired at the end of March.

We will have the new passes for sale hopefully in the next week or so – we are just awaiting a redrafting of the Code of Conduct, and delivery of some new signs for The Bluff lifeguard hut and Harvey Towans.

The new improved passes are ready to go, as are the free parking permits for Harvey Towans, and as soon as we get the new Code of Conducts the package will be available from Down the Line, Lodeys and WestCountry Watersports.

Dont worry, the Code of Conduct updates simply are incorporating last summers changes (the removal of tidal restrictions), and making them easier to understand for folk who are not familiar with the area.

Prices remain the same – KKC member $5, BKSA member, $10, other valid insurance $20.

Please rest assured we have agreed with the harbour master that the purple tags and old parking permits remain valid until the new ones go on sale in the near future. So please keep that grubby fiver stashed somewhere safe as you will be able to spend it in the next week or two.

Thanks for your patience and watch this space.

The KKC 2012 AGM

Thankyou to all who attended the 2012 AGM at the Pheonix in Watergate. A great evening of progressive discussions, with the highlight of a new chairman to carry on the fantastic work by Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey. Welcome and congratulations to Dom Moore.

The previous year has seen good national and international results from KKC members, continued progress with regards to ongoing kitesurfing access at The Bluff (but yes, we all need to be insured and have our Bluff passes, that come with free parking). Club funds are slowly growing, so we can use this to give back to our membership.

We have a newly appointed Club Social Secretary, Ash Maccord, who I’m sure will have some social plans to tie in with Dom’s plans of 3 events a year. A racing, a surfing and a freestyle event. To combine with a “Groupon” plan to get us all hooked up with each other and other beach and water users in the area.

There is also talk of arranging club courses, such as a first aid course and trips to other areas or even the new cable park in Cornwall. Great cross training and great fun.

All positive stuff for the year ahead.

Rory Jenkins

AGM agenda – Saturday 10th March 2012, 6pm @ The Pheonix, Watergate

  • Welcome from The Chairman
  • Officer reports- including Bluff news and Treasurers report.
  • Election of officers for 2012, nominations:
    • Chairman- Dom Moore
    • Secretary- Rory Jenkins (who is happy to stand down or stay).
    • Treasurer- Lee Harvey
    • Social Secretary – Ash McCord
    • Child Protection Officer – Pete Stephens
    • Bluff – Steve Townsend
    • Area Reps-
      To cover risk assessments for their beaches, liaise with land owners and work with the Chairman in regards to any issues.

      • Mid (Newquay area) – Simon Crabb
      • South (Par area) – Denzil Williams
      • West (Gwithian/Maza) – Loz Smith
      • East – no nominations
      • North (everything north of Watergate) – John Dolan
    • Beach Reps- Non committee positions, you will act as an ambassador for the KKC and work with the area rep to provide fun days, socials or even comps at your local beach.
      – no nominations
  • Welcome from 2012 Committee
  • Questions from the floor

Every member who attends the AGM will receive 1 free drink at 6pm present your BKSA card to Loz at the bar!

A snack will be provided at 8pm for the 20 members who have said they are coming. food can be ordered at the bar.

Exposed Pipe at Low Tide at Hayle

They Hayle Harbour Master has asked us to watch out for the pipe that is being exposed at low tide at Hayle:

Exposed pipe at the Bluff

Hazard to Navigation 1

  1. Vessel entering or leaving the navigable channel are warned that a large Pipe possibly concrete has become exposed at low water.
  2. The Hazard is situated approximately 200 metres to the South of the entrance on the Eastern side of the channel.
  3. Mariners should proceed with caution and maintain a good visual lookout.
  4. When tidal conditions are suitable the hazard will be marked and removed at the earliest opportunity.

Perranporth Ripe Tide Survey Equipment

There is another round of rip current research at Perranporth beach, Cornwall.

The research is being carried out by Plymouth University in partnership with the RNLI and has just started down on Perranporth.

Please spread the news to the general kitesurfing population in the Perranporth area. Essentially there is scientific equipment in the water, some of which is on scaffold rigs and contains sharp objects. The rigs are exposed at low tide and partly submerged at mid tide. The rigs lie in an area near flat rocks (mid beach) due to the excessive rip currents in this area and are marked by two yellow buoys on either side. Some rigs have flouro tape on the uprights, others have smaller buoys on them to identify them. This area therefore will be dangerous to kitesurfers in the area, particularly those performing airs then landing in the area, or for those people less experienced.

There will be lifeguard presence at the weekends and during school half term, and the survey team during other periods to inform any kiters in the area, but we would like a belt and braces approach so the more kiters who know, the better.

There is a website with all the details of the research found at

AGM Minutes

Succesfull 2011 AGM was held on Sunday the 20th March at 18:00, at the Seiners pub in Perranporth.
KKC AGM meeting minutes >>


The Kernow Kitesurf Club (KKC) AGM is going to be on Sunday the 20th March at 18:00, at the Seiners pubin Perranporth (TR6 0DP).
– The Seiners pub is to the left of the beach car park as you look out across the beach towards the sea.

Any Member of the KKC wishing to stand for office (the current committee and beach rep list is at, or who wishes to propose a resolution for consideration at the AGM, should give notice of the same to the Secretary (Rory Jenkins,, at least a week before the AGM (Sunday the 13th of March, 2011).

We hope that there will be wind on the day so that we can have a pre meeting kitesurf.

The meeting is scheduled to include a Bluff update as well competition and social update and plans.


  • Welcome from The Chairman
  • Officer reports
  • Change of constitution in respect of number on the committee and number of committee members needed to vote to pass decisions. Change the committee positions to areas and have beach reps to work alongside the area reps.
  • Election of officers for 2011-

Chairman– Lee Harvey has put himself forward to stand for another year

Secretary– Rory Jenkins has put himself forward to stand for another year

Treasurer– Lee nominates Lawrence Smith and Rory seconds

Child Protection– Pete Stephens has put himself forward to stand for another year

Bluff – Steve Townsend has put himself forward to stand for another year

Mid (Newquay) – Simon Crab has put himself forward to stand for another year

South (Par) – Denzil Williams has put himself forward to stand for another year

West (Gwithian/Maza) – Loz Smith has put himself forward to stand for another year

East – Lee nominates Dave Sobey, Denzil seconds

North– Vacant position, please send your nominations

If you wish to stand for any of the above posts please send details, with names of proposer and seconder, to Lee at least 1 week before the AGM.

  • Beach Reps– We are looking for people to represent the club on all the main beaches in Cornwall as per the website. The role of the beach rep is to liaise with the area rep with concerns to any issues and to put forward any ideas members have. Beach reps can also have funds available to them to organise Club days, Fun comps etc.These positions come with some perks!If you are interested please contact Lee ( with your ideas and any plans you have to improve the club atmosphere on your beach.
  • Events/Membership– Results from questionnaire and a vote on how we want the club to progress in the future.
  • Other business– If you have any other business you want to be included please at least 1 week before the AGM.

    Every member who attends will receive 1 free drink



Pasty Cub Racing Event

Pasty Adventures are organising a kitesurf racing event on the 18th & 19th of June at Penzance. Open to all members of the KKC for free, with loads of great product prizes. More info >>

Bluff Time Restrictions Lifted for Trial Period

Fantastic news for one of the best kiting spots in the country. Many hours of work by Kernow Kitesurfing Club members have resulted in an agreement with Hayle Harbour Authority of a six month trial to remove the time restrictions. The trial period begins on the 1 st February 2011, permitting those complying with the KKC code to kitesurf at all states of the tide . This has only been possible because the Harbour Master has been able to negotiate with the club, whose members have demonstrated, in a successful trial, that kitesurfing can take place responsibly by complying to an agreed code of conduct (the KKC Code).

It has been strongly agreed that the key element of the 2010 trial has been the 100m rule. This states allkite surfers MUST keep at least 100m away from AND turn away from all vessels using the channel, and this remains the key guideline for the 2011 trial. It’s common sense, but ensuring that all kiters adhere to it is vital.

The other vital part of the 2011 Hayle Kitesurfing Code of Conduct is that all kiters display a valid colour coded tag on their harness. Wearing a tag is important as it signifies the kiter has a valid third party liability insurance of 5 million pounds, that the kiter has agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct, and by purchasing it has made a small contribution to the annual Water Users Licence for which Kernow Kitesurfing Club has to pay the Hayle Harbour Authority. Tags for 2011 begin on 1st April and will be availabe from West Country Watersports(Truro), Down The Line (Hayle) and Lodeys (Marazion). Tags will cost £5 for KKC members, £10 for BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) members – proof of membership must be produced for these rates. And we have striven to ensure access for everyone and now non-BKSA members may purchase a tag for £20 provided they have valid liability insurance of 5 million pounds. Remember -all 2010 tags expire at the end of March. Tags only remain valid whilst appropriate liability insurance cover is current. If you still require a tag for the remaining 2010 season these are available for the reduced rate of £3 from West Country Watersports.

The full Hayle Code of Conduct is available here. This includes an Incident Report Form and all tag holders are encouraged to report incidents whether it be a near miss or an abuse of the code of conduct.

The KKC believe we have now arrived at a strong working relationship with the harbourmaster who wants to see kitesurfing thrive alongside other harbour users. Now it is over to all kitesurfers using the Bluff to ensure that the next 6 months are a success by promoting the code of Conduct and wearing a tag, and then we can look forward to years of blissful kiting.

2010 Round Up – It’s been a good year for the KKC

Get the years round up and latest news from the KKC Chairman. (PDF set to open in a new window).

DON’T JUMP THE CABLE ! (18 Aug 2010)

As some of you may know the wave hub off Hayle means they are having “fun” bringing the cable to shore.

On Monday Peter Haddock (Assistant Harbour Master ) rang the KKC to inform us of persistent problems they had over the w/e with 3 or 4 “rogue kiters” who` despite the advice of safety boats and jet skis operating an exclusion zone around the cable, continued to treat the cable as a jumping obstacle. Peter will be doing his best to identify the individuals and photographing them at the next opportunity.

Please stop this, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. These individuals are putting in jeopardy everyones restraint and patience so far.

Bluff Update (early Aug 2010)

Members of the KKC have had an update meeting with the Hayle Harbour Master.
The feedback from them is good with no significant issues.
The fishermen say the 100m rule is working well.
Please, lets keep up the good effort by all.

We have a review scheduled for the end of the year.
The harbour master knows that we would like a bigger window either side of high tide and that it’s a great learner spot. He is currently open minded as to where usage will go after the first 6 months.

Lets make sure we keep a strong case for a shorter window either side of high tide and perhaps learners being allowed back. We all agree that the 100m rule should stay.

Kitesurfing at the Bluff is back :-)

KKC 1st & 3rd BKSA Wave Masters in Scotland

Will Bennett and Lee (Pasty) Harvey on the podiumKernow Kitesurf Club members Will Bennet (St Mawgan) and Lee Harvey (St Ives) recently drove to the other end of Britain to compete in the 2009 British Kitesurf Association Wave Masters Championship in Fraserburgh, Scotland from 30th September – 4th October. Three separate days of competition were held at different spots and in conditions ranging from light cross on shore wind with small waves, to a howling cross shore gale and big clean double overhead surf, with the results being added from each day to give the overall winner and 2009 UK Wave Champion.

Lee pushing up the spray.With the best kite surfers in the country and entrants from France, Ireland and South Africa all making the long journey, competition was fierce and the North Sea produced some epic conditions, with even too much wind on Saturday when gusts hit 75mph! Will won the title for the 3rd year in a row, Richie Sills who is the 2009 UKPT Surf champ was 2nd and Lee was 3rd. Will thanked all the organisers and sponsors and especially the Scottish people for being so friendly and welcoming. With a visit to John o Groats and good surf at Thurso on the way, it was a long trip definitely worthy of the 2000 mile drive.



  • 1st Will Bennet (St Mawgan) 6.7pts
  • 2nd Richie Sills (South Africa) 8pts
  • 3rd Lee Harvey (St Ives) 8.7pts

News: Summer Kitesurf Taster sessions

Taster SessionOver the summer holidays, Penwith School Sport Partnership have been running Kitesurf Taster sessions in conjunction with; Kernow Kitesurf Club and Ocean High Kite School.

With some strange weather for August causing some days to be cancelled, BKSA instructors Lee Harvey and Lawerance Smith managed to fit four days into their busy summer schedules, enabling 32 children from; Mounts Bay, Cape Cornwall, Hayle and St Ives schools to have a taste of what it feels like to be pulled through the water at Marazion by a massive, powerful kite!

Starting off on land with Trainer kites, allowing them to get the feel for the wind and learn about safety, the youngsters soon moved into the water fully kitted out in wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and harness’s. By the end of the 3 hour sessions all were left with big smiles after flying through the water and sometimes in the air! Maybe one of them will turn into a future world champion like 5x Champ Aaron Hadlow, who originates from Penwith and learnt at the now banned spot of Hayle Rivermouth.
Big thanks to Penzance Sailing club for the loan of the small BA’s, Loz from Ocean High and Kernow Kitesurf Club. For more info check out-

News: KKC dominate BKSA Course Racing

The Kernow Kitesurf Club dominate the BKSA Course Racing in Blackpool.The Kernow Kitesurf Club dominate the BKSA Course Racing in Blackpool.

Over the Saturday and Sunday of the August bank holiday weekend Lee Harvey (St Ives) and KKC St Austell rep Denzil Williams traveled to Blackpool for the British Kitesurfing Association Course Racing Championships, Round 2. The newest form of competitive kitesurfing sees riders competing on a triangular course with a start line much in the same way as sailing races only at much higher speeds.

With winds of around 30knts and a big swell Saturdays racing was full on with high speeds and some huge crashes meaning only 2 of the 3 planned races were run, while Sunday saw much nicer winds of around 15knts and a flatter sea allowing the riders to reach speeds up to 35mph on the downwind legs. In his first UK race event Lee was never far from the front and claimed 2 race wins and a 2nd to win the event on 3.4 points with 2008 UK Champion Denzil in 2nd on 6.7pts. With racing becoming more and more popular and looking hopeful to be in the Olympics in 2016, the club are looking to attract more interest to run an autumn race series in conjunction with local sailing clubs.

Lee is also looking for sponsors to enable him to compete on the remainder of the 2009 Kiteboard Pro World Tour in; Western Sahara, Brazil and Morocco. You can contact Lee through his

News: Will Bennet 4th KPWT Portugal

Will Bennet 4th KPWT PortugalThe end of July saw round 2 of the 2009 KPWT Wave Masters world tour in Santa Rita, Portugal at the Ocean Spirit Festival.  Lee Harvey and Will Bennet drove down to catch some waves and hopefully fly the flag on the Podium. This year the event was host to the – Kayak Surf World champs, which had 160 participants, Skimboard world tour, Surf and Longboard nationals and was also a huge Reggae festival with some top bands such as Soldier of Jah Army and Pepper flying in to play to the crowds of up to 8000 people.

With pumping double overhead barrel ling waves, the guys were charged up to do well. Lee was cursed with light winds, as low as 8knts in one of his heats and crashed out an unlucky 13th while Will ‘jammy’ Bennet powered through to finish 3rd in the singles only to be knocked down to 4th in the double elimination on the last day of competition. Still, a big congrats on a wicked result in what was an event for the light weight riders! And be sure they flew the flag at the parties and showed them all how to ride strapless.

News: Powerkiting in School

School Power Kite programmeLee Harvey and Marazion Beach Rep, Lawrence (Loz) Smith have been piloting a school Powerkite programme with a view to the club running out sessions in secondary schools throughout Cornwall.

For these initial trials, they went into Mounts Bay School during their Applied Learning Week on 2 separate days, introducing the joys of powerkiting to 2 sets of 12, Year 8 & 9 pupils. With the aim being to eventually set up an after school kite club, the school fields were used and turned out to be perfect. Plenty of space and the perfect amount of wind allowed them to safely run the session with 6 kites in the air at one time.

School Power Kite programmeFitting in around the schools timings, the first session ran up until break, covering; setting up the kite, safety, wind direction, the wind window,  launching & landing and each pupil got a quick go at flying the kite, releasing onto the leash and launching the kite for another person, all under the eyes of the instructors.

After break and fully briefed on the safety aspect the pupils were paired off, each with their own kite Ozone Trainer Kite (between 1.5 & 3.5m2 depending on their size) and coned out area keeping them safely away from any dangers and the next pairing. They were then given 5 minutes each on the kite before swapping pilot until all the pairs were competent enough to move onto the next level and be taught about the power zone and then onto figure of 8s and kite loops which gave them all a feel for the power and left them smiling away to lunch.

School Power Kite programmePost lunch was a competition with them being split into 2 teams and 2 opposite courses being set out. The aim of this session was to give them an idea on how you can control the kite whilst moving and also show that team work plays a major role in achieving great things and that you have to be friendly and work together to kite fly.

The sessions were a great success with all the pupils enjoying themselves, learning lots and being surprised at how much fun and power kites can have, as well as them all realising that you have to work together to win and be successful.

Lee and Loz are running Kitesurf Taster sessions during the school holidays for pupils from the Penwith Secondary Schools and are hoping to initiate a kite program within Cornwall’s schools from September with the help of the School Sport Partnerships. For more info and to find out how you can help out or get this program in your area, check out these websites –

News: Spreading The Word

Kitesurfing school talkOn the Thursday before half term, as part of Mounts Bay Schools, learning week, Lee ’Pasty’ Harvey gave a talk on kites and Kitesurfing to 170 year 7 pupils. With gasps of excitement as the kite inflated, all the youngsters were really keen on trying the sport and were interested in both Kitesurfing and Powerkites. Lee gave a brief history of kites and the sport of Kitesurfing before showing the different types of kites, boards and harnesses you can use.

With a lot of questions being asked as well as most of them wanting to have a go (teachers as well), Lee in his new job role for Penwith Schools Sports Partnership as school/club links coordinator, is now formulating a plan to deliver power kiting within all Cornish schools as part of an after school club, with a view to the youngsters moving onto Kitesurfing through their local kite school.

News: Morocco Wave Masters

Cornish kitesurfers, Will Bennet and Lee Harvey pictured in Morocco where they were placed equal 5th after both reaching the quarters, in the final round of the 2008 Kiteboard Pro World Tour, Wave Masters.

Will Bennet & Lee Harvey in Morrocco

With the final round attracting the best riders in the world and the gods delivering 2 days of near perfect double overhead conditions with side shore winds and even a few barrels, the boys did us proud by sticking to there guns and riding with no straps on standard surfboards, even with the cries of you guys are crazy, from the some of the top guys. With an awesome display Will went out to event winner and new world champ Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde) and Lee narrowly lost to 2007 World champ Abel Lago (Spain).

Mitu Monteiro

In the Women’s, Kirsty Jones from Wales continued her dominance in the waves this year taking the event win and becoming the 2008 KPWT Wave Masters World Champion.

Kirsty Jones heads the podium

After four rounds throughout the year in; France, Portugal, Brasil and Morocco, Lee finished his first year on tour in 7th position, with Will ending up after his second year on tour equal 5th.

Lee says: ‘I am very pleased after my first year on the world tour especially after the epic conditions we had in Morocco at a spot called Moulay. We are both looking forward to riding some big waves both at home and abroad this winter and aim to fly the flag high on the podium in next years tour!’

Lee Harvey in Morrocco

Lee Harvey at Moulay in Morrocco

The final round of the 2008 Kiteboard Pro World Tour, Wave Masters.

Mens podium

Team Kernow

Lee Harvey