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KKC Committee Members:

KKC Beach Representatives

Heading around the coast in a clockwise sense:

We are a BKSA affiliated kite surfing club

Rory at Fistral on a Duotone Neo and a Slingshot boardRory Jenkins – Chairman

Home spot- Perranporth
Main style- Slowly, getting the hang of waves and a hydrofoil
Kite brands- Duotone kites & a mix of board brands
Fave conditions– Cross on to cross off with enough wind for a small kite.
Drives- Black VW van.
Occupation- Web sites
Sponsors- none
Kitesurfing goals- Keep on enjoying it.
Contact Details- Tel- 07767 267 413

Lawrence Smith – Treasurer & Child Safety Officer

Home spot– Marazion
Main style- Having fun.
Kite brand- Ocean Rodeo
Fave conditions- Marazion ….. sunny day ….. out with mates …. decent swell and 8m weather.
Drives- VW Transporter
Occupation- Run Ocean High Kiteboarding, Kitesurf Instructor and Public Aquarium Designer.
Sponsors- none
Kitesurfing goals- Aspiring to Lee, Will and Denzil’s moves on waves but being realistic and settling for not catching an edge.
Contact Details- Tel: 01736719596

SimonCrabbSimon Crabb – Club Secretary

Home spot- Crantock
Main style- Waves
Kite brands- North Rebel kites and Slingshot wave boards
Fave conditions– Cross shore to cross off.
Drives- White camper van.
Occupation- Engineer
Sponsors- none
Kitesurfing goals- Kite until you’re too tired to kite anymore, until later or tomorrow.
Contact Details-

Matt Taylor – Vice Chairman & Beach Safety Officer

Home spot- Perranporth
Main style- Surfboard
Kite brands- North
Fave conditions– cross off shore 7m sessions and kiting with mates
Drives- Volvo
Occupation- Surveyor
Sponsors- Natwest Joint Account
Kitesurfing goals- Kite the Cribbar
Contact Details-

Angus Tobey

Home spot- Marazion
Main style-  Twin tip with bindings
Kite brands-
Fave conditions– wind and kickers
Occupation- Kitesurf instructor
Kitesurfing goals-
Contact Details-, Tel 07572432402,

Beach Representatives:

Listed in location order of heading around the Cornwall coast in a clockwise direction.

Par and St Austell area: Denzil Williams

Denzil WilliamsDenzil Williams
Home spot-
Main style- A dash of everything
Kite brands- Ozone
Sponsors- Ozone, rrd, mystic
Fave conditions– Flat water on the inside, waves on the outside with warm constant wind.
Drives- VW caddy
Occupation- Gardner
Kitesurfing goals- I have done most of them so mainly enjoying the ride now.
Contact Details- Tel 07786622925


Marazion & The Bluff area: Lawrence Smith, Mark Graham & Alex Hapgood.

Lawrence Smith
Home spot- Mazza / Bluff / Gwithian
….. full details above ….. (Loz is also the clubs “Treasurer & Child Safety Officer”).

MarkGraham_200w-FBMark Graham
Home spot- Mazza / Bluff / Gwithian
Main style- Crashing with a smile
Contact – 07519043503


Perranporth – Rory Jenkins

Rory Jenkins (full details above)

Craig SmithWatergate – Craig Smith

Home spot- Watergate
Main style- Twin tip
Kite brands- Flexifoil
Sponsors- inkydeep, Flexifoil & Koncept gym newquay
Fave conditions– windy with kickers
Drives- himself into the sea
Occupation- Labourer
Kitesurfing goals- Carry on enjoying it
Contact Details-


Daymer & Hawkers area – Mike Perry

Home spot- Daymer & Hawkers
Main style-  Wave board
Kite brands-
Fave conditions–
Contact Details-