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KKC 2017 AGM Agenda

Thursday 16th March 2017

7pm at Hawkins Arms, TR4 9HU.

  • The Hawkins Arms is in Zelah, just off the A30, just north of Chiverton roundabout.
  • As usual, the club pays for the drinks for the evening (provided nobody abuses this !)
    Please bring along your BKSA card with your KKC membership to get the free drinks (or we do have a list of current paid up members).
  • Minutes from last years AGM are at
  • The recent (9 Feb 2017) KKC Swap Meet was at the same Hawkins Arms. It went well with gear being swapped (including for cash). So do by all means, repeat bring any gear along that others might want.

Discussion about the next meeting is on the KKC Facebook page.

AGENDA (let us know if you have agenda suggestions)

  • Area Rep Updates (including Bluff update)
  • Event Updates, last years Swap Meet and the Santa Kitesurf & Winter Warmer.
  • General Club Updates
  • Club equipment tally. Please bring along any club gear eg The Woo’s.
  • Accounts Update
  • Woo prizes (highest jump for each area & overall highest)
  • Video prizes (best 90 second Cornwall Kitesurfing Video)
  • Legend of the Bay and North Kiteboarding demo weekend (April 1st & 2nd @ Watergate).
  • Elect the Club Admin and Officers for the next year.
  • Events planned for the next year ?
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Rory Jenkins (current KKC Chairman)


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