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KKC 2018 AGM – Minutes

Thursday 15th March

7pm at Hawkins Arms, TR4 9HU at The Hawkins Arms is in Zelah

  • Area Rep Updates (including Bluff update):
    • Par & surrounding area
      – Denzel Williams. ‘Winter free parking is still in affect. There was the incident of some equipment stolen from the beach recently.’ Denz had a cycling accident so can’t attend the AGM, happy to stay on or be replaced as Par rep.
    • Marazion, Bluff (aka Hayle) & up to Godrevy
      – Lawrence Smith, Mark Graham & Alex Hapgood
      – The winter swell has dug up the beach such that foot access, especially in bare feet, is hazardous.
      – The Harbour Master seems happy with kitesurfing and the arrangement with the club.
    • Perranporth & Perran Sands
      – Matt Taylor
      – All OK
    • Crantock, Fistral
      – Nothing to report. All OK.
    • Watergate
      – Less kitesurfing here compared to previous years. Rare to get more than a dozen kites out.
    • Daymer Bay.
      – Paul Frost
      – Summer restriction unlikely to change.
      – Nothing to report. All OK.
  • Event Updates, including the CRX meet, jump meet … Jack ridel was going to look into the options associated with running a event at daymer Bay.  Discussion also took place about possibility of the club providing rescue cover.  It was noted that Grant funding may be available for a club of our nature. Things discussed for expenditure of Grant funding included either the purchase of a rescue cover both Strokes key or the purchase of a set of CRX racer kit.  The club decided that both options were impracticable to pursue without commitment to ongoing maintenance costs.
  • General Club Updates
  • Club equipment tally.  It was noted that some of the club equipment had gone missing or was broken.
  • Accounts Update
  • Woo prizes (highest jump for each area & overall highest)
  • Do we carry on with the training subsidy system in place ?
    – Majority vote was yes.
  • Do we want to order KKC hoodies +/or robbies (see below) ?
    • We’ve got these prices in for KKC.  branded hoodies:  other items I robey’s were objected I local firms already selling similar products.
    • 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Black with a grey inner to hood.
    • Not yet got minimum order levels, but want to guage interest:
    • One off setting up for different logo designs
      • Small logo if we put on front of hoodie – £15 inc. vat (from club funds ?)
      • Large logo if we put on back of hoodie – £20 inc. vat (from club funds ?)One these logos have been created can be used for other garments such as tee’s beanies etc at a later date.
      •  Quote one – hoodie with Small KKC logo on front – £25.00 inc. vat
      •  Quote two – hoodie with Large KKC logo on the back – £30.00 inc. vat
      •  Quote three hoodie with KKC logo front and back – £32.50 inc. vat
  • Elect the Club Admin and Officers for the next year.
    • Current club officers are:
      • Chairman, Rory Jenkins – re-elected
      • Vice-chairman, Matt Taylor elected
      • Treasurer & Child Safety Officer, Lawrence Smith – re-elected
      • Club Secretary, Simon Crabb – re-elected.
      • Beach Safety Officer, Matt Taylor – re-elected
      • Race Officer, Jack Ridel elected 
      • Events Officer, Angus Tobey – re-elected.
  • Events planned for the next year ?
    • Legend of the Bay is back, April 28th & 29th, with the suggestion that club funds again subsidise KKC members entry fees:
      • Single entry for the kite competition would £20.00 (KKC members £15.00)
      • Entry for both kite and sup competitions £35.00 (KKC members £30.00)
      • Who is interested in entering?
      • Should / could the club give a prize, eg £50 to the best non sponsored rider, that’s a KKC member?
    • Lee from Pasty Adventures is running some clinics as we move into summer:
      • Intermediate TT 24th March
      • Refresher 7th April
      • Intro to Wave 14th April
    • Angus, current events officer, wants to organise a summer social.
  • Any Other Business (AOB)
    • Pete Stephens suggestion that we all adopt a beach clean ethos. If all of our membership picked up 3 or 4 bits of rubbish, especially plastic after each session, it’d collectively make a difference.

Rory Jenkins (current KKC Chairman)


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