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Training Subsidy

Get £20 off a lesson

Any KKC member can get £20 off a lesson from a BKSA approved kite school in Cornwall*

This training MUST be within the current BKSA Covid-19 guidelines for training / instruction.
So at the moment (2020-05-19) no beginner lessons. Only coaching and intermediate refreshers etc. All BKSA instructors will have the full guidance on what they can do. The club also has the details (email if needed).

From 2019, we also have a Youth Training Subsidy System**

The Cornwall BKSA approved kitesurf schools are:

*General Training Subsidy System Details:

  • Any KKC member can get £20 off a lesson by a local BKSA approved kite school / instructor.
  • No training will be less than £25, so that there is always a contribution to the training by the KKC club member.
  • The KKC member gets this by presenting their BKSA card with the KKC as their local club, to the BKSA school / BKSA instructor, who will note the details and get the £20 from the KKC.
  • The KKC member gets this discount a max of twice in the year. Last year it was once per year.
  • An annual cap of £700 for training related spend. Once the club has paid out £700 in training in the year, the scheme will be reviewed based on available club finances.
  • Conceptually we hope that this will be spread across BKSA schools in Cornwall. But if one BKSA school or one BKSA instructor is more pro-active, that should also be encouraged.

**Youth Training Subsidy System:

  • The club will subsidise training for under 18’s at 4 KKC schools, Ocean High, Atlantic Riders, The Hoxton Special and Pasty Adventures.
  • Funding is limited to £200.00 per school (per year) initially and that this could be reallocated by the committee based on demand.
  • The club would fund 75% of the cost of lessons for under 18’s as children of KKC members.
  • Parents would be required to stay with the child during coaching sessions.
  • The club would purchase 3 trainer kites, Lodeys agreed to provide the kites for the sum of £400.00.