Training Subsidy

Any KKC member can get £20 off a lesson from a BKSA approved kite school in Cornwall.*

The Cornwall BKSA approved kitesurf schools are:


  • Any KKC member can get £20 off a lesson by a local BKSA approved kite school / instructor.
  • No training will be less than £25, so that there is always a contribution to the training by the KKC club member.
  • The KKC member gets this by presenting their BKSA card with the KKC as their local club, to the BKSA school / BKSA instructor, who will note the details and get the £20 from the KKC.
  • The KKC member gets this discount a max of twice in the year. Last year it was once per year.
  • An annual cap of £700 for training related spend. Once the club has paid out £700 in training in the year, the scheme will be reviewed based on available club finances.
  • Conceptually we hope that this will be spread across BKSA schools in Cornwall. But if one BKSA school or one BKSA instructor is more pro-active, that should also be encouraged.