Daymer Bay

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On the north (Atlantic) coast.

Drive along the north coast road (A39) until you arrive in Wadebridge then head north along the B3314 signposted towards Polzeath & Rock. As you arrive at the village take a right turn along the road signposted towards Polzeath on the coast road. As you reach the brow of a hill at Trebetherick make a left turn just before the old style Red Phone Box and Kite shop and it will take you down to the beach.

Daymer Bay can only easily be accessed through one private car park.


Summer Restriction

NO Kite or Windsurfing between 10.00am and 6.00pm in the months of July and August (this is when the beaches are at their busiest). This is when the beaches and navigation channels are at their crazy busiest!

Kitesurf here only on an incoming tide or when the tide is slack – At mid tide it rips out here and can make relaunching any style of kite very tricky. – THe best directions would be N, NW, SW & S – Westerly winds are a lot cleaner than at rock but are directly onshore so care should be taken as this beach can get very busy.

The most hazardous winds are strong Southerly or Easterly and should be avoided (Southerlies blow incapacitated surfers out to sea and Easterlies provide a lot of turbulence which makes the rigs difficult to control). Do not surf in the vicinity of the ‘Doom Bar’ during strong ebb currents (spring tides) – there is a strong possibility of being ‘ripped’ out to sea. Be aware of and avoid going out from the lee created by Stepper Point in strong westerly winds / seas – heavy seas can make it difficult to control the rigs and it is then possible to get ripped out to sea with an ebb current. BEWARE and don’t sail beyond your own abilities “If in doubt, don’t go out!”

Real Care should be taken on an Ebbing Tide (out going) as the tidal current is exceptionally strong and many competent sailors have been caught out.
– If being swept out to sea, stay with board – you are easier to see.
On an incoming tide many unsuspecting sailors have also been caught out under the imposing Bray Hill at the southern end of the beach but staying a reasonable distance away will lead to many hours of trouble free sailing.

Do not kite / windsurf within the main channel, if it is necessary to cross, do so as quickly and cautiously as possible.

For experienced sailors looking for wave riding SW and NW are the best direction for sailing over to the other side of the bay and playing around on Doom Bar.

Wind Directions

NE, N, NW, W*, SW*, S

* W and SW are both marginal directions for Daymer Bay.

Daymar Bay