This spot is most easily accessed by taking the A30 to the Hayle Roundabout and following the signs to Hayle. Within 100 meters you will encounter a double roundabout and on the second one take a right turn up the hill for just over a mile on the B3301.

Driving past a couple of Holiday parks on your left you come to a fairly sharp right hand bend with an entrance to the car park on the left. Follow the track over the speed bumps until you reach the large car park overlooking the beach. Parking is plentiful. Pay as you enter in the summer.


A video of the Autumn 2008 BKSA Wave competition at Gwithain.
– thanks Denzil


The historical zone has been withdrawn. 

Please out of the swim and surf zones in the summer.  Very difficult if you`re here in an onshore north westerly in the summer – but this kind of behaviour will get us banned!

This venue is synonymous with down the line wave sailing in the UK. Parking on top of the cliffs you can look west across the gently curving St Ives Bay from the harbour town of the same name to the stark white lighthouse on Godrevy Point. In front of the Car Park is a slippery cliff decent known locally as the ‘goat track’ to the beach . The main beach can be reached by the less severe but more lengthy path.

Use this spot 3 or 4 hours either side of low water. Best directions SW & NE for cross shore conditions. W and N are cross-on, NW is pretty much dead onshore.

Depending upon the size of the swell low to mid tide can offer some relatively safe wave sailing. For those sailing in front of the car park, when the tide touches the rocks it is time to head more West in the direction of St Ives. The beach is more dune (not cliff) backed.

There are a few rocks directly in front of the car park to watch out for and it is recommended to chat to either the locals or the lifeguards if they are on duty in the summer before venturing out.

Definitely a spot to check your gear out thoroughly before you hit the water here as if things go wrong you can be in for a long swim!

Wind Directions

S (which is slightly cross off-shore, so only for the experienced)


Best directions SW & NE for cross shore conditions.
W and N are cross-on, NW is pretty much dead onshore.

Epic Gwithian waves