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About The KKC
The primary aim of the club is to protect safe access to the amazing kitesurf spots around Cornwall

The aim of the club is to protect the kitesurf spots around Cornwall, by promoting safe practice and interacting with the public, whilst also encouraging more participation. To bring together the kiting community by running fun events, increase the standard of its members and promote the sport and the county both within Cornwall and to the outside world.

To date, the Kernow* Kitesurf Club (KKC) has successfully increased and maintained kitesurfing access at Hayle, Gwithian and Perranporth. You may not kite at these spots, but your spot might be next, so please join and support your local kitesurf club.

* Why “Kernow Kitesurf Club” ? Well Kernow is the Cornish word for Cornwall, so this is the Cornwall Kitesurf Club.

Legends of the Bay. Watergate Bay 18th April 2015

Cornwall Kitesurfing Spot Guide

If your new to the site or new to kitesurfing in Cornwall then a good start was our spot guide, with details of the main kitesurfing spots in Cornwall., but more recently than our spot guide was done, our local Duotone dealer has done a fantastic guide to the main kitesurfing beaches in Cornwall.

KKC Member Discounts

Show your KKC membership card and get the following local discounts: