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BKSA & KKC Guidelines for Kitesports in Lockdown

The BKSA have published guidelines for kitesports during lockdown, in summary it is OK for us to kite during lockdown but there are restrictions and recommendations please see a summary from the BKSA below.

British Kitesports Association Newsletter

Dear Kiter,

So we find ourself in a very strange position once again, on the eve of some more time at home. Many of you have been in touch with very valid questions …

“Can I still kite during lockdown?”
“Is my insurance still valid?”
“Where can I go and not go?”

The short and positive answer is YES

ALL Kitesports disciplines from Kitesurfing, foiling, Buggying, land boarding and wingsurfing will be allowed….and actively encouraged during November.

Its not unconditional however…

We need to be competent:

Kitesports require some learning and technique. If you are a BKSA Level 2 intermediate or above kiter in your chosen discipline, then get out there. Do your safety site assessment (SHOE) and be honest with yourself about the conditions. If you are not yet independent then I’m afraid you will have to wait and continue your lessons post lockdown.

We need to stay local:

The government has indicated that it would like people to stay local when exercising. Short car journeys are allowed in England, different regulations are in place in the devolved nations and you need to check the relevant regulations for your location. Please use the relevant link below…

Northern Ireland

We all need to be safe and sensible:

The winter accelerates potential safety issues through gustier winds, colder waters, muddier fields, and stronger frontal winds in many places.

To this end we have upadted our Covid specific kiting advice and come out with some further general winter kiting guidelines.

Please, please click on the links have a read and take these onboard.

View Download

View Download

We are confident if you follow these guidelines you can enjoy our sports and greatly diminish the likelihood of accidents and issues.


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