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Bluff Car Park – ANPR
Until we advise otherwise please assume that our Hayle Harbour Parking permits are not valid for the car park at the Bluff.
Last week The harbour Master said that we will be informed of changes but our current understanding is that the landowner has passed all responsibility for Car park fees monitoring and fines to an outside party and we are not sure the harbour authority are aware, and we haven’t been approached to provide the number plates that you have registered when picking up your pass. The ANPR cameras went live this Saturday.
We will be trying to find out the definitive situation in the next day or two but if you do want to use the Bluff car park please pay the appropriate fee to avoid a potential fine.
We will obviously be in negotiations as a club with the stakeholders and try and work out how the car parking will operate in the future for the best interests of all involved.


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