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KKC 2019 AGM Agenda

Thursday 21th March at 7:30pm at Hawkins Arms, TR4 9HU.

  • The Hawkins Arms is in Zelah, just off the A30, just north of Chiverton roundabout.
  • As usual, the club pays for the drinks for the evening (provided nobody abuses this !)
    Please bring along your BKSA card with your KKC membership to get the free drinks (or we do have a list of current paid up members).
  • On the food side of things The Hawkins Arms will have it’s normal menu, plus these there £7.50 options:
    • Pastie chips and peas
    • Salmon pasta bake
    • Veggy Lasagne garlic bread and salad.
  • Minutes from last years AGM are at
  • Historically we’ve included a Swap Meet with gear being swapped (including for cash). So do by all means, bring any gear along that others might want.

Discussion about the next meeting is on the KKC Facebook page.

AGENDA (let us know if you have agenda suggestions)

  • Apologies:
    • Denzil Williams & Paul Frost.
  • Latest BKSA figures are 148 paid up KKC members (145 at the 2018 AGM)
  • Area Rep Updates (including Bluff update):
    • Par & surrounding area
    • Marazion, Bluff (aka Hayle) & up to Godrevy
      • Current Bluff passes expire end of March. 2019 to 2020 passes and parking permits will be available from Down the Line & Lodeys from Monday the 25th.
    • Perranporth & Perran Sands
    • Crantock, Fistral
    • Watergate
    • Daymer Bay.
  • Event Updates
  • General Club Updates
  • Club equipment tally. Please bring along any club gear eg The Woo’s.
  • Accounts Update
    • Any ideas on how best to spend this, or leave it ticking along as usual?
    • KKC match (with a cap?) bidding on lost board found at Perranporth, where the money will go to the RNLI?
    • A thank you something to Ian Butt who takes kitesurfing photos of so many in the club.
  • Woo prizes (highest jump for each area & overall highest)
  • Do we carry on with the training subsidy system in place ?
    • Lee from Pasty Adventures has suggested he run some club coaching days, at £300 for a half day (12:00 to 17:00). Perhaps one for advanced jumping, unhooking and loops and another for more intermediate skills of toeside, backloop and pop. He would need the date to be pre-booked. Maza, Gwithian or The Bluff. Lee has said it’d make sense to pre-book 2 dates and that if neither have any wind, so the coaching doesn’t happen, there would be no fee.
      • “For demos I use a speaker system so that everyone can hear me talking through manoeuvres as I do them, then people would hit the water before coming back in for feedback and the next demo.”
      • That way there is no limit on numbers, would also make great footage for a club video and pics as will give set areas for people to practise moves running in a loop to avoid collisions.
  • AOB / Any Other Business:
    • Matt Taylor, our current Vice-Chairman has a youth training idea.
    • Steve Townsend has asked if we can “Please please please get a wind meter at Maza that works -the Ocean High cam/meter was superb, but hasnt been functioning for the best part of a year. Any ideas welcome – maybe even consider a camera upgrade – I would certainly be happy to contribute to a quality and reliable cam/anemometer, if the club can’t cover it.”
  • Elect the Club Admin and Officers for the next year.
    • Current club officers are:
      • Chairman, Rory Jenkins
      • Vice-chairman, Matt Taylor
      • Treasurer & Child Safety Officer, Lawrence Smith
      • Club Secretary, Simon Crabb
      • Beach Safety Officer, Matt Taylor
      • Race Officer, Jack Ridel
      • Events Officer, Angus Tobey.
      • BKSA rep local kite don, Pete Stephens
    • Current beach rep’s are:
      • Par and other beaches around St Austel, Denzil Williams
      • Marazion & The Bluff area, Lawrence Smith, Mark Graham & Alex Hapgood.
      • Perranporth & Perran Sands Rory Jenkins
      • Watergate, Craig Smith
      • Daymer & Hawker, Paul Frost

Rory Jenkins (current KKC Chairman)


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