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KKC AGM Minutes

We managed to hold the AGM via Zoom on the 3rd of November.

The full minutes are below.


Date Venue 03/11/2020 @ 20:00hrs On-line Zoom Meeting
Attendees: All Committee Members and some club members
Apologies: None.

1.0 Introductions and Apologies

1.1 These minutes have been approved as a fair reflection of the key points of the AGM, by the KKC committee.
1.2 The AGM was not held in March 2020 due to lockdown, it was recognised that an AGM was required and decided that the meeting should be held remotely on Zoom, the meeting took place on Tuesday 3rd November at 8:00pm online. Despite the remote nature of the meeting sufficient members joined showing a healthy interest in the future of the club. Info

2.0 Membership

2.1 The chairman reported that membership is on the increase with the latest BKSA figures indicating 205 current KKC members, an increase of 57 on the previous year.
3.0 Local Beach Rep Updates Info
3.1 Par and St Austell: – No update was provided, assumed no change and all working well.
3.2 Marazion: – Following storms it was noted to have large amount of seaweed at times especially near high water. A general problem was noted with some people (mainly visitors) occasionally launching at high tide in turbulent air, it was noted that all should remain vigilant and where possible provide friendly advice.
3.3 Gwithian and The Bluff: – It was reported that more sand was present at the bluff than in previous years making high tide kiting a possibility, however the goat path down from the carpark is becoming very slippery when wet and sections are crumbling extra care should be taken. It is noted that there is a designated access path to the beach, however at hightide this is cut off by the high water.
3.4 Perranporth and Perran Sands: – It was reported that there is no change, and all is working well with current restrictions.
3.5 Watergate: -All were aware of sad accident in 2020, it is understood that the BKSA will be submitting a further statement in time. Otherwise, no further update was given.
3.6 Daymer and Hawkers Cove: – All were reminded that summer restrictions had ended and all was working well.
3.7 Fistral and Crantock: – The chairman reminded everyone that kiting is not permitted during lifeguarding hours. Info

4.0 Club Events

4.1 It was noted that Lockdown had prevented ‘planned’ events identified at the last AGM. Currently it is not possible to plan events for 2021, but it was agreed that events with a social bias would be of benefit to the club and supported.

5.0 Accounts Update

5.1 The treasurer reported that the KKC account contained £4,455.00, it was agreed to retain a reserve.
5.2 The treasurer reported that despite a reasonable rate of spending over the past year on training subsidies for youngsters and KKC members, commitments to lockdown prizes, etc, club reserves remained stable.
5.3 It was noted that the amount of BKSA funding per member had dropped and the club committee would seek clarification from the BKSA on this point. Action NH

6.0 Competition Prizes

6.1 Prizes were donated by Peter Stephens, Lee ‘pasty’ Harvey, Lawrence Smith, Angus Tobey and Alex Simmons / Richard Lane. The club noted thanks and appreciation for their support.
6.2 Angus identified the following winners:
Highest Jump – Matt Taylor 21.1m, prize: signed Hadlow T and a slingshot bag .
Best Photo – 1st place Lee ‘pasty’ Harvey, prize: a Duotone Mug and North T Shirt. Runners up Jamie Crossman, Alex Simmons and Dom Moore.
Girls – equal position Julie Hanson and Kimi Ko, prize: a leash, lanyard and wristband each.
Over 40’s – 1st place to Dan Glazebrook 16.3m, prize: a Mystic poncho and a slingshot T shirt. 2nd place to Lee Foster 14.5m, prize: a ride engine Hoodie and T shirt.
General Legends – 1st place Ian Butt, prize: a kite lesson with Angus, a T shirt and a Duotone facemask. 2nd place Loïc Rich, prize: Hoxton T shirt, Duotone facemask and a leash. 3rd place goes to both Peter Stephens and Craig Smith, prize: Hoxton T shirt each.
Most Improved – 1st Place Luke Costa, prize: a kite manual and some training with Lee ‘pasty’ Harvey. 2nd place goes to Steve Townsend, Otto Mead and Louis Williams prize: a duotone mug each.
6.3 Duo to the current COVID-19 pandemic, prices would be posted to avoid social contact and postage costs claimed from club funds. Angus will post details online.

7.0 Training Subsidies

7.1 It was agreed to retain the existing system with subsidised training for KKC members and young persons.

8.0 Club Committee Members

8.1 The following club officers for the forthcoming year where proposed and elected as followings:
Chairman: Matt Taylor
Vice-chairman: Neil Harper
Treasurer & Child Safety Officer: Lawrence Smith
Club Secretary: Simon Crabb
Beach Safety Officer: Nic Costa
Events Officer: Craig Smith
BKSA rep: Pete Stephens

9.0 Beach Reps

9.1 The beach representatives were identified as follows:
Marazion – Angus Tobey
Gwithian and The Bluff – Kimi Ko, Lee Foster, Mark Pickup
Perranporth and Perran Sands – Rory Jenkins
Watergate – TBC
Daymer and Hawkers Cover – Mike Perry
Par and St Austell – TBC

9.2 The committee will issue an invitee to paid KKC members to secure beach reps who regularly attend the above locations where reps are required to ensure regular beach updates are provided.

10.0 Current Chairman

10.1 The current chairman (Rory Jenkins) welcomed Matt Taylor as the new chairman confirming that he thought the club would be in great hands.
10.2 The club all thanked Rory for his time as chairman and for setting the sails for the last 5 years.

11.0 Any Other Business

11.1 It was agreed that the club would like to attract new members, with a view of potential marketing looked into.
11.2 A debate took place about the Facebook page, generally it was agreed to keep it open to non-members of the KKC, it was identified that the page operated well as a catch net for visiting kite surfers directing them to spots, restrictions and local schools. Within the admin it was noted that there are questions that need to be answered for people to become members and rules which need to be adhered to.
11.3 It was noted that other clubs attract membership successfully through social events. Events were identified as a priority when Covid allows.
11.4 It was suggested that the local kite schools promote membership of the KKC.
11.5 It was confirmed that membership was only possible at the time of joining the BKSA.
11.6 It was suggested that a member profession/business directory or similar may be beneficial for members.
11.7 It was proposed that Wing surfers could be included within the KKC given that support for insurance was available through the BKSA. Peter Stephens agreed to manage the inclusion of wing surfing/ers within the club. It was identified that there would be details to be worked out, the membership voted in favour of the proposal.
11.8 It was agreed to contact Hayle Harbour Master to confirm the inclusion of wing surfers within the KKC.
11.9 It was suggested and agreed that the club should hold an AGM in November 2021 when the evenings are dark.
12.0 End of Meeting
12.1 The new chairman closed the meeting.


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