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Please tell me I’m wrong, I want to go kitesurfing.

I’ve been hearing and seeing lots of debate and discussion about going kitesurfing during the Covid 19 “lock down”.

So I wrote up my thoughts and shared it with the BKSA Chair, the Chair’s of other BKSA clubs and got consistent strong agreement.

I also asked Rou Charter, who manages the IKSURFMAG, that a lot of us read. He agreed and put this on his social media feeds:

Rory Jenkins has written this great article, with so much debate about whether you can or can’t or should or shouldn’t go kiting I think this slams the argument firmly shut and rightly so. It’s brilliantly written and well worth a read regardless of where you sit on the fence.

Be the bigger person, be part of the solution…

The BKSA have now put a link to it on their site:

Here’s an article written by Rory Jenkins, the Chairman of our Cornish kitesurf club.
A highly proficient kiter who lives within walking distance of his local kitesurf beach.
An interesting read and we agree entirely.

My, fairly long write up on why I want to kitesurf, but won’t while we are in this Covid 19 crisis is at here.

  • Kitesurfing in these Covid 19 times is higher risk (to the participant and others) than surfing.
  • There are safer alternative ways to stay physically and mentally healthy.
  • It will be windy when this is over.

Rory Jenkins (KKC Chair)


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