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Marazion & Long Rock
Marazion and Long Rock are both located on Mounts Bay near Penzance


Marazion and Long Rock are both located on Mounts Bay near Penzance and with the back drop of St Michaels Mount and the varied conditions from waves to flat water (depending on wind direction) it is a spectacular place to kitesurf.

IMPORTANT: Marazion is a private beach owned by St Aubyn’s Estates. The Land Agent of the Estate has agreed that private individuals may use the beach but that instructors or other organisations must request permission.  Such approval does require certain guidelines to be followed.

Marazion Location

Marazion is 3 miles from Penzance and is just off the A30. Take the Marazion exit off the roundabout just before Penzance and cross over the railway bridge and turn left at the T junction. The first car park you will come to is located next to Jordan’s café. This is a pay and display car park but a little further along the road towards Marazion you will find free parking along the top of the seawall. Further still into Marazion you have a charity car park on the left side of the road that is only open in the summer (but is the cheapest!) and then Folly Fields car park on the right hand side, which is situated at the mouth of the Red River.

Marazion Overview

Marazion is a actually a private beach owned by Lord St Levan of the St Aubyn’s Estates who own St Michael’s Mount.  The manager of the Estates and beach is happy for kitesurfing to take place on the beach but would like certain guidelines to be followed.  Signage may well be put in place soon to encourage safe practices and to give guidance on ‘voluntary’ kite zones. Please follow these guidelines as there have been a few accidents close to the seawall and road and any future accidents may well cause restrictions to be put in place.  The simple guidance is outlined below:

  • No kitesurfing to the East of the Red River especially in the summer months when this part of the beach is most popular with swimmers and bathers.
  • Do not kite 2 hours either side of high tide especially near the seawall where the shelving beach creates shore dump at higher tide and there is little space to land your kite.  Beware of lofting from turbulence caused by seawall and dunes.  They are not high but really affect the wind.
  • Beginners should stay in the area marked on the map that is to the West of Red River and before the start of the sea wall.  This area has the largest beach space, furthest distance from the road and also less public.

There are a few reefs at Marazion that are submerged at higher tides.  It’s a good idea to come down at low tide if it is your first time here to check out their locations.

One thing that is not so common on other Cornish beaches is the large amount of seaweed that can get washed up during and after heavy winds and storms.  Take care as the seaweed (especially the long ‘spaghetti’ seaweed) can bind your lines together changing your full depower SLE kite into a fully powered and uncontrollable nightmare.  If you are a beginner and there is a lot of seaweed in the water or on the beach and you drop the kite a lot then debate whether it is a good idea to go out.

Horse Riders sometimes use the beach so please be aware of this.


Wind Directions

Marazion can be used from W round to SE. The prevailing SW wind is great at all parts of Marazion Beach but is often accompanied by waves. A Southerly can get a little gusty and turbulent behind St Michaels Mount so move along the beach to the West. A SE wind funnels between St Michaels Mount and Marazion village and so can be stronger due to the venturi effect but can be a little turbulent. At low tide with a SE however the causeway to St Michaels Mount means there is flat water downwind of the causeway. On a SE Long Rock is often better wind. A Westerly comes over the top of Penzance and so can be a little gusty but often there are not that many waves with this wind direction.

Long Rock Location

Long Rock is situated between Marazion and Penzance on Mounts Bay. Take the Long Rock turn off the Marazion Roundabout on the A30. Drive past Mexico Inn pub and then take the turning opposite Long Rock Industrial Estate. This will take you over a Level Crossing and into the car park.

Long Rock Overview

Long Rock beach is owned and managed by the local authority.  The reef of ‘Long Rock’ can shelter the water downwind of the reef from the waves and so there is often flat water at lower states of tide.  There are however, quite a number of individual submerged rocks and small reefs.  It’s a good idea to go there at low tide to check it out.  To the East of the rainwater outfall pipe there are no rocks at all.

Do not kite here 2 hours either side of high tide as the top of the beach is very close to the railway track and any accidents involving a kite on the tracks may end up in a ban here. This is a year round dog beach so watch out for that mutt that likes peeing on your kite!!!

Long Rock Wind Directions

SW, S, SE are good wind directions.  A Westerly and Easterly can give very flat water but are always gusty.

Spot Guides

The Bluff, Hayle

The Bluff, Hayle

The ban on kitesurfing at Hayle (aka “the Bluff”) has been lifted. There are restrictions with a permit system.



This venue is synonymous with down the line wave sailing in the UK. Parking on top of the cliffs you can look west across the gently curving St Ives Bay from the harbour town of the same name to the stark white lighthouse on Godrevy Point.

Daymer Bay

Daymer Bay

Real Care should be taken on an Ebbing Tide (out going) as the tidal current is exceptionally strong and many competent sailors have been caught out.



A good location from mid to low water as the gently shelving beach can give shallow conditions that are ideal for learning in.

Perranporth & Perran Sands

Perranporth & Perran Sands

Big tide days often deliver wide flat water sections for the twin tips. Wave board riders tend to favour the Perran Sands end where the big waves hold for longer.