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Summer wind and waves are back

Several weeks of blistering sunshine and very flat conditions with little or no wind lead to quite a few flat water stand up paddle boarding, canoe, and other such visits to the sea and creeks of Cornwall by many who would probably prefer to be kitesurfing. But as Newquay based Dom from “The Surf Sanctuary” is bound to point out, it’s all good water skills for when you do get out to kite. Or have a chat with Lee Pasty and plenty others to get out on even lighter days on a race board.

At last the wind drought has ended and we are now getting occasional windy days and some swell. Those on race boards are out a lot more than those on twin tips or wave boards, but everybody is getting some good summer sessions.

I’ve had 2 sessions out with boardshorts only. I think they might be my first ever UK zero wetsuit sessions in 10 + years of kitesurfing !


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