By becoming a member you will become a member of the kiting community in Cornwall which will enable us to have a voice to protect our beaches and continue to further the enjoyment of Kitesurfing in the county.
You will also get discounts at various stores in the county, access to demo days, social events, wave, race & big air comps and opportunities to join in on travel trips and missions to other spots.

  • Membership costs are £5 payable as an add on to your BKSA membership.
    • Join/renew your BKSA membership on-line at the BKSA Online Store and choose “Kernow Kitesurf Club” from the drop-down menu (this will add the £5 fee to your BKSA membership fee).
  • You must abide by club rules and the KKC code of conduct.
  • We don’t have a “during the year” or other way of joining the club, other than via when you join the BKSA.

Current KKC Members (as of March 2018)

Adam Bateman
Adam Hill
Alex Hapgood
Alex Laird
Alex Simmons
Alistair james Macpherson
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Worthington
Angus Tobey
Anmar Al-Shawi
Aymeric Hussenot
Ben Brierley
Ben Covey
Ben Jarman
ben Woodward
Chris Broome
Chris Burch
Chris Lowe
Chris Worboys
Christina gerry
Christopher Morris
Conrad Capdevila
Craig Jackson
dale collins
Daniel Glazebrook
Danny Lloyd
Darren Hall
Darren Thomson
Dave Turney
David J Greedy
David Shillitto
David Tully
Duncan Sim
Félix Fraser
Fiona Maini
Francesca Maini
Francesca Nimmo
Gavin Blake
Geoffrey Hughes
Giacomo Maini
Glen Carmichael Cromar
Grant Sanders
Guy Dicker
Guy Morse
Harvey Millerchip
Hazel Tompkins
Helen Dobbs
Howard Jackson
Huw Shorthouse
Ian Bagley
India Blake
Jack Ridel
Jack Spencer
James Blake
James Hanlan
James Mitchell
James wardle
James Williams
James Yates
Jamie Turnbull
Jan-Paul Lodey
Joe Speakman
John Lovell
John McLaurin
John Sanderson
jon Facey
Jonny Day
Joseph Clift
Josh Dunkley
Julie Hanson
Karen Sumser-Lupson
Ken Wilkins
Kirsty Sheona Grant
Laura Álvarez Vares
Lawrence Smith
Loic Rich
Luis Gray
Mark Buswell
Mark Card
mark graham
Mark Pickup
Mark Randles
Martyn Brown
Matt Loughlin
matt Thomas
Matthew Barton
Matthew Dennett
Matthew Taylor
Mattia Maini
michael harvey
Michael Perry
Mike Hutchinson
Morwenna Pound
Nathan Bray
Neil Harper
Nick brown
Nick White
Nicko Braxton
Nicky Whiting
Nicola Costa
Paul Moran
Pete Lemin
Peter Cullum-Kenyon
Peter John Whitmore Stephens
Peter Mazurenko
Philip Annear
Rebecca Crossley
reuben marsh
Rich Watson
Richard Argall
Richard Walter
Rob Giles
Robert Foster
Robert Morgan
Rory Force
Rory Jenkins
Ross Bond
Sarah Darke
Sarah Grey
Seb Blake
siegfried haegele
Simon Crabb
simon kellam
Simon Millerchip
Solomon bracey
Sophie Douglas
Stephen Gawthorpe
Steve Ford
Steve Hutt
Steven Westlake
Stuart Woodward
Susannah Huntley-Robertson
Suzanne Kay
Thomas Brundell
Thomas Parkin
Thomas Studd
Tim Allingham
Tom Phipps
Tom Sylvester
Townsend Steve
Van Elvin Courchene
Will Bennet
Xavier Gotel