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We cancelled the planned 19th of March KKC AGM as the initial Covid lockdown kicked in.

It was hoped we would be able to have our normal, at a pub, AGM later in the year. That now looks unlikely so the current committee are organising a Zoom AGM. The Zoom details have been emailed to all paid up KKC members.

Proposed Agenda (please send through details of anything you want added to the Agenda):

  • Apologies
  • Membership update
  • Area representative updates:
    • Par & surrounding area
    • Marazion, Bluff & up to Godrevy
    • Perranporth & Perran Sands
    • Crantock & Fistral
    • Watergate
    • Daymer Bay
  • Event updates
  • General club updates
  • Accounts update (including the normal of any ideas on how to spend club funds):
  • Any Other Business (AOB)
    • Pete Stephens proposal to allow Wing Foilers to join the KKC.
  • Elect the club officers and beach representatives. The current positions are held by:
    • Chairman, Rory Jenkins
    • Vice-chairman, Matt Taylor
    • Treasurer & Child Safety Officer, Lawrence Smith
    • Club Secretary, Simon Crabb
    • Beach Safety Officer, Matt Taylor
    • Events Officer, Angus Tobey.
    • BKSA representative & local kite don, Pete Stephens
    • Beach representatives:
      • Par and other beaches around St Austel, Denzil Williams
      • Marazion & The Bluff area, Lawrence Smith, Mark Graham & Alex Pickup.
      • Perranporth & Perran Sands, Rory Jenkins
      • Watergate, Craig Smith
      • Daymer & Hawker, Mike Perry


Rory, Kernow Kitesurf Club chairman

These minutes have been approved as a fair reflection of the key points of the AGM, by the KKC committee.

The AGM was on Thursday 21th March at 7:30pm at the Hawkins Arms, TR4 9HU.

1) Apologies:

  • Apologies were given in advance of the meeting by Denzil Williams, Paul Frost and Steve Townsend.

2) Membership:

  • The chairman reported that membership is on the increase with the latest BKSA figures indicating 148 current KKC members which is up 3 on the previous year.

3) Local beach reps provided an update on locations as follows:

  • Par and St Austell area:
    • Denzil reported in advance of the meeting that there was little or no change.
  • Marazion Gwithian and The Bluff:
    • It was reported that the works to the waterfront to install rock armour are due to commence in Penzanace/Long Rock shortly and that there was debris at the Bluff.
    • It was noted that the bluff passes and parking permits are due to expire at the end of March 2019 and that replacement permits will be available for Down the Line and Lodeys from March 25th and will be Free to KKC members.
    • There is evolving coastal erosion, revealing localised hazards at The Bluff. Matt Taylor is going to write this up and will put this on the KKC Website page about The Bluff.
  • Perranporth and Perran Sands:
    • It was reported that there is no change and all is working well with current restrictions.
  • Watergate:
    • Again all reported as being well.
  • Daymer and Hawkers Cove:
    • Paul Frost, with his apologies had said all working fine.
  • Fistral and Crantock:
    • The chairman reminded everyone that kiting is not permitted during lifeguarding hours.

4) Club Events:

  • It was reported by Angus that the club had raised £200.00 for the RNLI.
  • A lengthy discussion took place about the Woo off. It was agreed that for the past year prizes would not be given. It was agreed that the competition would commence in 2019 with registration by the internet. It was agreed that for the coming year there would be a prize for the highest overall jump, the highest jump for each of the main kite beaches* and a prize for the best improved rider. Prizes will be made available for the coming year and it was decided that trophies should be obtained. (*no one individual can claim the highest jump for multiple beaches. Their best jump will win for the beach that was at, leaving other beaches for others.)
  • It was decided that for the coming year 4 advance event dates would be identified by the events secretary with final confirmation given on Thursday before the weekend based on the forecast; the type and nature of event will be selected based on the forecast. If there is no wind then a simple social may be arranged.

5) General Club Updates:

  • It was confirmed that there was one free place for someone to attend the Kite Armarda during the last week of June. It is hoped that a group will attend form the KKC. Jamie Crossman agreed to shepherd those attending and will be given the free ticket. Any members interested in attending should contact Angus Tobey who will coordinate transport, logistics etc.

6) Club Equipment:

  • It was generally noted that some of the club equipment (Woo & Piq’s) has been lost.
  • It was agreed that no additional expenditure would be used to purchase additional Woo’s or PIQ’s.
  • A tally is required to determine where the club equipment is being held.

7) Accounts Update:

  • The treasurer reported that KKC account contained £3,500.00, it was agreed to retain a reserve.
  • It was noted that the training subsidies approved for the previous year had not consumed a lot of funding.
  • It was identified that the bluff passes are paid for with club funds each year.
  • Generally it was reported that the club gains a surplus of funds year on year.
  • It was agreed that the board found at perranporth would not be auctioned and would be put toward the RNLI.

8) Woo prizes:

  • As reported above it was agreed that there would not be prizes awarded for the previous year. Although it was acknowledged that Matt Taylor was repeatedly flying higher that anyone else.

9) Training subsidies:

  • It was agree to retain the existing system.
  • The chairman reported Lee from Pasty Adventures suggestion that he run some club coaching days, at £300 for a half day (12:00 to 17:00). Perhaps one for advanced jumping, unhooking and loops and another for more intermediate skills of toeside, backloop and pop. He would need the date to be pre-booked. Maza, Gwithian or The Bluff. Lee has said it’d make sense to pre-book 2 dates and that if neither have any wind, so the coaching doesn’t happen, there would be no fee. There did not appear to be any interest from the members.
  • It was agreed to add the youth development to the system. See below.

10) AOB / Any Other Business:

  • Matt Taylor suggested a youth development scheme. The following items were agreed.
  • It was agreed that the club would subsidise training for under 18’s at 4 KKC schools, Ocean High, Atlantic Riders, The Hoxton Special and Pasty Adventures.
  • It was agreed that club funding would be limited to £200.00 per school initially and that this could be reallocated by the committee based on demand.
  • It was agreed that the club would fund 75% of the cost of lessons for under 18’s as children of KKC members.
  • It was agreed that parents would be required to stay with the child during coaching sessions.
  • It was agreed that the club would purchase 3 trainer kites, Lodeys agreed to provide the kites for the sum of £400.00.
  • Steve Townsend has asked if we can get a functioning wind meter at Lodeys. The members were told that the meter at Lodeys was being relocated. Purchasing a wind meter with club funds was discussed and it was decided that this was not a good use of monies.
  • Following the tragic report of the loss of a life at Saunton Sands, a discussion about kite safety took place. It was agreed that all sailors could learn from the details of accidents if available.

11) The election of club Officers for the coming year was completed and all of the current representatives were re-elected; the list is as follows:

  • Chairman: Rory Jenkins
  • Vice-chairman: Matt Taylor
  • Treasurer & Child Safety Officer: Lawrence Smith
  • Club Secretary: Simon Crabb
  • Beach Safety Officer: Matt Taylor
  • Race Officer: Jack Ridel
  • Events Officer: Angus Tobey.
  • BKSA rep local kite don: Pete Stephens

12) Beach representatives were re-elected, it was agreed that most representatives would continue their roles; changes are highlighted in bold font:

  • Par and St Austell area: Denzil Williams
  • Marazion and The Bluff area: Lawrence Smith, Mark Graham & Mark Pickup
  • Perranporth and Perran Sands: Rory Jenkins
  • Watergate: Craig Smith
  • Daymer and Hawkers Cove: Paul Frost

13) Additional notes from the secretary:
Thanks to Adam at the Hawkins Arms for continuing to support the club and providing some great food.
Thanks to the Chairman for keeping the club ticking.

14) End of 2019 AGM Minutes.

Thursday 15th March

7pm at Hawkins Arms, TR4 9HU at The Hawkins Arms is in Zelah

  • Area Rep Updates (including Bluff update):
    • Par & surrounding area
      – Denzel Williams. ‘Winter free parking is still in affect. There was the incident of some equipment stolen from the beach recently.’ Denz had a cycling accident so can’t attend the AGM, happy to stay on or be replaced as Par rep.
    • Marazion, Bluff (aka Hayle) & up to Godrevy
      – Lawrence Smith, Mark Graham & Alex Hapgood
      – The winter swell has dug up the beach such that foot access, especially in bare feet, is hazardous.
      – The Harbour Master seems happy with kitesurfing and the arrangement with the club.
    • Perranporth & Perran Sands
      – Matt Taylor
      – All OK
    • Crantock, Fistral
      – Nothing to report. All OK.
    • Watergate
      – Less kitesurfing here compared to previous years. Rare to get more than a dozen kites out.
    • Daymer Bay.
      – Paul Frost
      – Summer restriction unlikely to change.
      – Nothing to report. All OK.
  • Event Updates, including the CRX meet, jump meet … Jack ridel was going to look into the options associated with running a event at daymer Bay.  Discussion also took place about possibility of the club providing rescue cover.  It was noted that Grant funding may be available for a club of our nature. Things discussed for expenditure of Grant funding included either the purchase of a rescue cover both Strokes key or the purchase of a set of CRX racer kit.  The club decided that both options were impracticable to pursue without commitment to ongoing maintenance costs.
  • General Club Updates
  • Club equipment tally.  It was noted that some of the club equipment had gone missing or was broken.
  • Accounts Update
  • Woo prizes (highest jump for each area & overall highest)
  • Do we carry on with the training subsidy system in place ?
    – Majority vote was yes.
  • Do we want to order KKC hoodies +/or robbies (see below) ?
    • We’ve got these prices in for KKC.  branded hoodies:  other items I robey’s were objected I local firms already selling similar products.
    • 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Black with a grey inner to hood.
    • Not yet got minimum order levels, but want to guage interest:
    • One off setting up for different logo designs
      • Small logo if we put on front of hoodie – £15 inc. vat (from club funds ?)
      • Large logo if we put on back of hoodie – £20 inc. vat (from club funds ?)One these logos have been created can be used for other garments such as tee’s beanies etc at a later date.
      •  Quote one – hoodie with Small KKC logo on front – £25.00 inc. vat
      •  Quote two – hoodie with Large KKC logo on the back – £30.00 inc. vat
      •  Quote three hoodie with KKC logo front and back – £32.50 inc. vat
  • Elect the Club Admin and Officers for the next year.
    • Current club officers are:
      • Chairman, Rory Jenkins – re-elected
      • Vice-chairman, Matt Taylor elected
      • Treasurer & Child Safety Officer, Lawrence Smith – re-elected
      • Club Secretary, Simon Crabb – re-elected.
      • Beach Safety Officer, Matt Taylor – re-elected
      • Race Officer, Jack Ridel elected 
      • Events Officer, Angus Tobey – re-elected.
  • Events planned for the next year ?
    • Legend of the Bay is back, April 28th & 29th, with the suggestion that club funds again subsidise KKC members entry fees:
      • Single entry for the kite competition would £20.00 (KKC members £15.00)
      • Entry for both kite and sup competitions £35.00 (KKC members £30.00)
      • Who is interested in entering?
      • Should / could the club give a prize, eg £50 to the best non sponsored rider, that’s a KKC member?
    • Lee from Pasty Adventures is running some clinics as we move into summer:
      • Intermediate TT 24th March
      • Refresher 7th April
      • Intro to Wave 14th April
    • Angus, current events officer, wants to organise a summer social.
  • Any Other Business (AOB)
    • Pete Stephens suggestion that we all adopt a beach clean ethos. If all of our membership picked up 3 or 4 bits of rubbish, especially plastic after each session, it’d collectively make a difference.

Rory Jenkins (current KKC Chairman)

Thursday 16th March 2017

7pm at Hawkins Arms, TR4 9HU.

  • The Hawkins Arms is in Zelah, just off the A30, just north of Chiverton roundabout.
  • As usual, the club pays for the drinks for the evening (provided nobody abuses this !)
    Please bring along your BKSA card with your KKC membership to get the free drinks (or we do have a list of current paid up members).
  • Minutes from last years AGM are at
  • The recent (9 Feb 2017) KKC Swap Meet was at the same Hawkins Arms. It went well with gear being swapped (including for cash). So do by all means, repeat bring any gear along that others might want.

Discussion about the next meeting is on the KKC Facebook page.

AGENDA (let us know if you have agenda suggestions)

  • Area Rep Updates (including Bluff update)
  • Event Updates, last years Swap Meet and the Santa Kitesurf & Winter Warmer.
  • General Club Updates
  • Club equipment tally. Please bring along any club gear eg The Woo’s.
  • Accounts Update
  • Woo prizes (highest jump for each area & overall highest)
  • Video prizes (best 90 second Cornwall Kitesurfing Video)
  • Legend of the Bay and North Kiteboarding demo weekend (April 1st & 2nd @ Watergate).
  • Elect the Club Admin and Officers for the next year.
  • Events planned for the next year ?
  • Any Other Business (AOB)

Rory Jenkins (current KKC Chairman)

19:30, Thursday 19th March 2015 at The Seiners in Perranporth

Welcome and thanks for coming from Rory Jenkins, current KKC Chairman.
Apologies from: Lee Harvey.

General Club Update

The club continues to exist, with increasingly active beach rep’s around Cornwall and no reported problems with the The Bluff passes at Hayle.

We have 110 paid up members.

During the last 12 months the KKC supported a Wave event that was well attended by club and national riders.

Club Admin and Officers

By show of hands, majority vote, based on those present at the meeting, the 2015 committee and beach officer line up is:


  • Chairperson: (Rory Jenkins)
  • Treasurer:  (Lawrence Smith)
  • Child Safety Officer: (Lawrence Smith)
  • Club Secretary: (Simon Crabb)
  • Beach Safety Officer: (Matt Taylor)

Beach Representatives:

  • Par & St Austell – Denzil Williams
  • Marazion & The Bluff area – Lawrence Smith, Marke Graham & Alex Hapgood
  • Perranporth – Matt Taylor
  • Watergate – Craig Smith
  • Daymer & Hawker – Paul Frost

Accounts Update

We have £3443.00.

Locations and Bluff Pass Update

It’s all working well.

Plans for 2015

Who can jump the highest ?

We’ve voted to buy 5 club Woo tracker devices (thankyou to Lee “Pasty” for the idea).
There will be one with the beach beach rep at the main locations:

  • Par & St Austell,
  • Maza & The Bluff,
  • Perranporth
  • Watergate
  • Daymer Bay

At the next AGM the highest jump (by a KKC member) at each of the locations will get a £50 voucher for surf gear and the highest overall jump £100.

The vouchers will be valid at the 3 main shops in Cornwall that the meeting felt do the most for the KKC. Not least of all because they sell the Bluff passes for the club:

Hopefully, our KKC Facebook page will have a year of people posting their jump attempts !

Who can create the best 90 second Cornwall Kitesurfing Video?

We voted to buy 5 of the new cheap (circa £100 each) GoPro cameras.

These will again be with the beach rep’s.

At next years AGM we will show anybodies Corwall Kitesurfing video, max 90 seconds and vote on the top 5.

First prize will be £100, with 2nd to 5th getting £50 each. Again, these will be vouchers, valid at the same 3 shops (Down The Line, Lodey Sails & Westcountry Watersports).

You can also enter clips from your own GoPro or other video device.

Again, open to all KKC members & hopefully, our KKC Facebook page will have a year of people posting the videos.

Watergate Legend of the Bay

This event is back !
It’ll be this spring over the weekend of April 18th & 19th.

The format remains the same as last time one day kite, one day SUP.
Competitors can enter individual competitions or should they wish enter both. The Individuals with the highest combined scores will be crowned Legend of the Bay.

Divisions will be Open Men and Open Women. Individuals wishing to enter must be members of either BKSA or BSUPA to enter competition.

Any KKC member, by producing their BKSA card that shows they are a KKC member will get £10 off their entry fee.

Wind (&other weather) Feed for Marazion

We voted to contribute up to £300 of club funds towards a wind and other weather info station on the top of Lodey Sails, so that we can on-line see what the conditions are like down there.

KKC Holiday ?

There was the suggestion of a club organised holiday to perhaps The Canary Islands or the Scilies. The discussion suggested this could be a challenge, but perhaps one or several club members will be able to talk to a travel operator or Lee “Pasty” who organises coaching trips, to see what can be done.


If there is info on the Website ( you want (or want updated), please let Rory know (