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Kernow Kitesurf Club, 2017 AGM Minutes

19:00, Thursday 16th March 2017 at Hawkins Arms in Zelah.

Welcome and thanks for coming from Rory Jenkins, current KKC Chairman.

Area Rep Updates:

Generally, all is going well. Current beach reps gave an update.

Par and surround area has the notable detail that the current development in Carlyon Bay means a bigger area for launching and landing.

Marazion has had some problems with those on foil boards struggling to re-launch their kites and even get RNLI rescued. The RNLI has and will be repeat approached if they want kite specific training from the club or BKSA. This is to be perused at a Cornwall level and at all beaches where the beach rep’s have contact with the RNLI.

Bluff (aka Hayle) pass system and kitesurfing there is working out well. The rest of the beach up to Marazion is all working well.

Perranporth, Perran Sands, Crantock, Fistral and Watergate all working well.

Daymer Bay did have an incident with some kitesurfers, apparently from Bristol. The rep is going to approach the harbour master re the KKC paying for signage on the Hawkers side of the estuary and also re kite rescue training for the RNLI. The hope is that by working with the current authorities, there may in years to come be strong understanding so that the full 9am to 6pm kitesurfing ban in July and August can be reviewed.

Club Equipment:

We have Club Woo’s and GoPro cameras.

We need to get a tally of these, with the beach rep’s doing an inventory update, so that we can decide what (if any) additional club equipment we get.

Woo Off Prize giving

By show of hands there was a virtually autonomous view that prizes should only go to those who were not only a club member at the time of a club competition, but who are still a club member at the time of prize giving.

The figures, and prizes were organised by Angus Toby / Hoxton Special.

Combined total of all jumps in the competition period, who did the most:

  • 1st prize to Andrew Larder
  • 2nd Tim Allingham (to be confirmed by Angus)
  • 3rd Matt Dennett

Single biggest jump:

  • 1st, Matt Taylor with 12.2m
  • 2nd Andrew Larder
  • 3rd Matt Dennet

Best Cornwall Kitesurfing Video

As at the last AGM, a prize for the video shown at the AGM that got the best show of hands (or vocal noise from the crowd). Had to be Cornwall kitesurfing related and no more than 90 seconds. This year the clear winner was a great video by Angus that had most of us laughing, The prize was arranged by Loz / Lodey’s.

Accounts update:

We started the last financial year with £3069.

Over the year, we’ve had £1560 in from the BKSA. The Bluff fee to the harbour master and the cost of the Bluff passes (£187) is pretty much exactly the income from selling the Bluff passes (over 100 sold last year, raising around £700).

We end the year with £3700.00.

Subsidised Training in 2017 to 2018

Post the AGM the committee agreed to increase the amount of money spend on subsidising kitesurfing training for members.

The agreed detail is:

  • Any KKC member can get £20 off a lesson by a local BKSA approved kite school / instructor.
  • No training will be less than £25, so that there is always a contribution to the training by the KKC club member.
  • The KKC member gets this by presenting their BKSA card with the KKC as their local club, to the BKSA school / BKSA instructor, who will note the details and get the £20 from the KKC.
  • The KKC member gets this discount a max of twice in the year. Last year it was once per year.
  • An annual cap of £700 for training related spend. Once the club has paid out £700 in training in the year, the scheme will be reviewed based on available club finances.
  • Conceptually we hope that this will be spread across BKSA schools in Cornwall. But if one BKSA school or one BKSA instructor is more pro-active, that should also be encouraged.


The last year has had some great events, thanks to active effort by club members. This included a Swap Meet Up and a Winter Warmer with Santa Costumes on the beach.

The Legend of the Bay event was great and is due to repeat this year (April 1st and 2nd at Watergate).

Events planned for the next year include a pub quiz evening, further swap meets, ride your own DIY board, and the CRX race system.

Any Other Business

A word of on-going thanks to Jan for his photography of many club members. He has now had some kitesurf lessons himself.

The club sadly lost a great member and supporter of the club. Ted Moir, who was instrumental in getting kitesurfing back at the The Bluff via the Bluff Pass system, sadly lost his battle with cancer. While many never met him, the cake he got from the club at his bed on his birthday and the level of comments he received on Facebook were very much appreciated by him and his family. Many KKC members attended his memorial service. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

Election of Club Committee and Beach Representatives for the next year

The current list of club committee people was read out. An initial question was asked if anybody wanted to stand as a new Chairperson or propose a new Chairperson. Nobody did. It was then asked if anybody wanted any change to the club committee, to which there was a clear majority no. So the existing committee were asked if they were happy to stay in their positions. They all said yes, so no change there.

Same for beach officers with the exception of an extra Bluff beach representative.

The meeting was then concluded with quite a few people staying behind to continue the social meet up.


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